Tannhauser Gate

A sailing we will go.

We spent several days in a port city; during this time, we saw very little of Mekler and friend. We set sail for the first time for most of us.

After the first day, we got our sea legs. The ship suffered from room and food shortages and more than its fair share of diseases. The ship’s preist was kept busy.

As the ship approached land, we saw many large birds. On the dock there was many unusual beast of burden. The people here spoke a different language. Our group was not allowed to stay and soak in the culture. We were off with the pack animals and equipment to continue our journey. Up a cloud cap mountain.

Saddle sore

As we set out on our journey, the party members are: Mekler, his “friend” Jon, the two soldiers Roland and Biko, the two mages Starshadow and “The Great Magnificent Allister”, and the bum Pepi.

We did not realize that the young mage Starshadow was actually an Elf, until she introduced herself to her fellow travellers. We could not pronounced her name, so she allowed us to call her “Starshadow”, rather that listen to us mispronouncing her name the whole trip. The odd thing was that the other mage,the Human Allister, acted more like an Elf than Starshadow does. Allister dressed in silk robes, did not introduced himself, and looked down on evertyone.

As we rode out, the city gave way to farmlands that gave way to less familiar lands, soon we were dependant on Mekler’s directions. Everybody knew how to ride a horse; even Pepi said he knew how, but it became obvious that he did not and had to be tethered to another travler.

We tryed to hunt as much as possible to save our rations. Roland, Biko and Starshadow did most of the hunting. Seveal days later we came across a glen in the forest, a large rock was in the middle of the glen and on the rock was a very large bird and a very large serpent. Appartly both died from their battle wounds, still locked together. The three aproached cautionly with their bows ready. An arrow flew from the far side of the glen, the two beasts, actualy one beast, a great feathered winged-serpent, howled in pain and took to flight. Roland, Biko and Starshadow faded back into the forest and rounded the glen, keeping one eye on the winged-serpent leaving, they headed for the unknown archer.

Roland, Biko and Starshadow came back with their bows slung. “I do believe these are yours?” Said a small growly voice. The cat-like creature unnotched its arrow.

“You spoiled my hunt.” said the cat-person.

“Aiming a little high and large are we?” Mekler said. “Go about your hunt else where, and we will camp here.” The cat-person left.

Several days later… we reached a fishing port town.


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